Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cally Annoyance Point

From Bastille Day, in reference to biting off Mason's ear on the Astral Queen, "He's lucky that's all I bit off."

From "The character of Cally was supposed to be killed off in the original drafts of this script, but David Eick decided he wanted her to fight back during the rape scene rather than be killed off."


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  1. Absolutely the worst character in the series. RDM became terribly fond of her as the show wore on, it seems that every g.d. podcast had ten minutes devoted to 'where we are going with her, she's so spunky!' She's repulsive: wrote, misogynist, stupid, perpetually callow and paper-thin in equal turns. Cally would be better suited as a vessel Joss Whedon's stupid tiny-lesbian-school-girl-with-magical-powers wish fulfillment. That this character makes me sigh wistfully at what might have been; namely, raped to death on a prison ship in deep space, is an egregious wrong perpetrated by what was otherwise one of the most progressive shows to appear on television.